9 Responses to Invasion Iraq 2003

  1. I was completely inspired by your work.

  2. Tim Crabtree says:

    Wow! the things you’ve seen. You have a incredible eye for capturing the sense of the war. Great work!

  3. Chief Spellman says:


    I am also inspired by your photos. I always have been. See you and i shared the same battlefield and these photos. I was embedded with LTG William Wallace and the V Corps main as we rolled into the BIAP and then the Al Faw Palace in 2003. Sir, i am here now in Afghanistan watching a completely different picture. I was wondering are you capturing this side of the story here as well?

    Chief Spellman, Pete
    CSTC-A / NTM-A Combined Security Transition Command
    ANA Communications
    APO AE 09365

  4. Peter Strain says:

    It’s because there are a few good photographers like you that I am inspired to do photography.
    Thanks – your pictures inspire me as a photographer and as a human being.

  5. Amazing picture. Great work.

  6. David Spooner says:

    Talk about your memories…… was good to have you around to record our trip Jack. How can i get some copies of the pics from our spring vacation together?

  7. Thomas slomski says:

    It’s been a long time great to see you are still taking those pic’s, I was also wondering how I could get ahold of some of those pics from our vacation together w/Aco 11th Eng. Bn. especially the one of me holding the landmine smoking a black and mild.

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