Kid Rock

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Spent a quick afternoon with Kid Rock at his home in Clarkston, Michigan talking about his country-leaning album ‘Born Free’.

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First impressions, Kid Rock (aka Robert Ritchie) is a really nice guy.

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Second, something I never thought I would hear coming from Kid Rock’s mouth…his fondness for “antiquing”.

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Finally, a very cool album cover with the words CASH along with a personal inscription from Johnny Cash hanging in Kid Rock’s living room.

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“Thanks for keeping the music going…. A fan, Johnny Cash”

Amazingly, Rock said that it just showed up in the mail one day. He had no idea Johnny Cash was a fan.

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One Response to Kid Rock

  1. Kathleen says:

    Dear Mr. Gruber,
    Like the pictures of Kid Rock. My favorites are 2, 3 and 4. . . especially 2. Enjoyed the video interview. And the USA Today article. Love Born Free cd. Saw a good You Tube video of him on a trip to entertain the troops. He has such a calm in his face, and in other things I’ve seen he has such beautiful hands. Not really familiar with his other cds, but saw him in concert back in 2003 or so at The Amphitheater in Universal Studios. Interestingly, he reminded me of someone who I briefly knew in LA in 2000 who was from Michigan, and even more odd is that it turns out they both have the same birthday, except two years difference. Other than that I don’t remember how I heard of him. Something Kid Rock says in written article ‘Go where your celebrated, not tolerated’ stands out to something specifically in my own life. So there’s the message for me. Takes commitment and responsibility to do what he does. . .oh well, too bad I’m too old to be a Coochie Coochie girl. I can dream, though, and make it what I want it to be [better than coochie] in my imagination. Favorite songs; Purple Rain, When It Rains, & Rock On. Thanks for pictures, video and shared articles! Kathleen

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